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Good for Mum and Kids

I was looking for facial cleanser which is suitable for small kids and finally I bought the Pure Castile Face Wash. Mild and natural without chemical is important. My daughter uses it to wash her face after back from school. It’s mild and doesn’t dry her skin. I use it as morning cleanser. One bottle for mummy and daughter.

- Janice L


Looks like I won’t be changing any eye serum unless I’m needing some major anti aging products. Love that it lifts up tired/dull eyes, calms them and doesn’t gives milia seeds/bumps around the eye area. Here’s the bonus, I’m hooked to the calming scent! Smells amazing :)

- Chloe


i like the Gentle Oil because its not giving me any breakouts! Its definitely reducing my kin redness, Its acting very good source for creating the moisture barrier after i apply my serum, its lock in it! i super in love with this face oil and highly recommended :)

- Isma Husna