From Nature to You

Moisturise with our 100% Pure Oils collection. No synthetics or fragrances, just what your skin needs.


Oily not oily

😍Everything here is just so earthly, organic and free from nasty things for our skin! Not to mention how heavenly it smells! Mostly oil based but it's never oily for the skin, that's what amazes me!


Bye pigmentation

I love root remedies because it makes wonders to my skin. I can proudly show off my skin which glows without makeup. Goodbye to pigmentations and uneven skin tones. #rootremedies 💯❤️


Acne scars be gone

So much love for tamanu oil from the @rootremedies because its help a lot to control my acne and acne scars. Been trying other product but the combination of diluted acv and tamanu oil from @rootremedies works the best for my skin. Keen to try the sea buckthorn & rosehip oil as well 🕊️