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In Search of Beeswax

Leland Lo Beeswax Ingredient Search

At Root Remedies, we are constantly in search of locally produced, high quality ingredients. Beeswax is an ingredient commonly used in natural skincare to create things like lotions or lip balms.

After giving to call to Mr Leong from the Cameron Tringkap Bee Farm, we decided to pay him a visit up in Cameron Highlands not just to obtain some beeswax, but also to learn a bit about this ingredient and verify its quality and origin.

Cameron Tringkap Bee Farm

Mr Leong turned out to be a veteran in the bee keeping business as well as a self-admitted bee fanatic. He told us that his interest in bees started off young in his fathers farm where they used bees primarily for pollination. The yield of the local bees, however, are not sufficient, so Leong uses Italian bees that are high maintenance but with a high yield.

Bee hives at Tringkap Bee Farm

Bee hives at the farm. The bees like being surrounded by vegetation

It is a blessing to see such passion and knowledge about a subject matter in a businessmen, Leong is as knowledgable as any field scientist. Leong told us that he helps to document new species in Malaysia, whenever he encounters a new species, he would gather it and send it off to the local universities. This is important for both the documentation of new species and also for anti-venom to be developed.


Leong showing us bees and their honeycomb

I learned so many interesting things about bees that I can't resist sharing some!

  • When you see a swarm in front of a  bee hive, it is usually the young bees learning how to control their flight (this happens once or twice a day, like practice sessions). When bees are experienced, they would fly straight to their target to gather the nectar and pollen for honey production.
  • The taste of honey depends on the plants available to the bees. That's why even with lower yields, Leong has a farm in Cameron Highland, the honey tastes better with plants at that altitude!
  • Bee predators would periodically disturb the bee hives and drive the bees into a frenzy - until the bees can't do it anymore out of exhaustion! Then they just break open the hive and feast.


Unrefined beeswax from Tringkap Bee Farm

The beeswax we got from Tringkap Bee Farm is food-grade and unrefined with a beautiful natural yellow colour. 

We cannot wait to bring you more beautiful products using this wonderful, local ingredient!


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