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Taking Root

Leland Lo News Root Remedies

After many experiments, research and hard work, we are very proud to bring you Root Remedies Skin Care!

We started Root Remedies because we were disillusioned with commercial skin care products. Research by the nonprofit group Environmental Working Group, shows that women, on average, apply 168 types of chemicals on their skin daily. Another research claims that the number is actually 515!

The skin is the largest and most permeable organ in the human body. Chemicals applied on your skin can and will enter the bloodstream and cause harm. 

The skin care industry is a huge one, and the cost-saving nature of the industry means that there's huge incentives for big factories that produces tens of thousands of skin care products to improve margins by using chemicals that are harmful to the human body.

While regulated and tested for short term toxicity by certain bodies (the American FDA, for example), the long term effects of many of these chemicals are unknown. Skin care products are applied multiple times daily, and the damage from these chemicals, however slight, will accumulate and manifest. As a matter of fact, there are already many chemicals that have been proven to be harmful, yet appear constantly in various products.

Therefore, we at Root Remedies are taking the opposite approach. We strive to create beautiful, effective products using the least amount of ingredients. All of the scents and colours in our products are derived from dried or fresh herbs at our workshop and we are very careful about where we source our ingredients.

We hope that you enjoy our products. We have so much more to bring to you, very soon.

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