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Hot Lemongrass and Old Tangerine

Leland Lo

Asam Gelugur and Tangerine Peel

A few announcements today!

As of today, we're officially switching our Lemongrass soap from a cold process to a hot process method of soap making. Our soaps are all made from heavily infused coconut oil, the compounds in lemongrass, in particular, has caused our soaps to seize. To prevent this from happening, we tried using the hot process method and it turned out to be beautiful! 

The lemongrass scent held well throughout the process and we really like how it looks. Interestingly, just for fun we actually tried making our Milk Tea Soap using this method as well, what came up was actually a caramel-like overly sweet slightly creamy bar. 

From now on, any Lemongrass Soap you buy from us will be made using this method. 

old and new lemongrass soap

old versus new lemongrass soap

We discovered a few new ingredients today, including Old Tangerine Peel and Assam Peel! Old Tangerine Peel is higher quality tangerine peel that has been aged for at least 3 years. We find it to contain much more depth of scent and flavour. We also discovered Asam Gelugor Peel in the market today, which has a much more sourish tint to it.

Asam Gelugur Peel

Asam Gelugor

To create the best products we can, we're temporarily removing our Tangerine Soap from our shop. We'll come up with something even better, that we promise!

Until next time, please keep up to date with our product development adventures!

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