Amethyst Face Roller


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Amethyst Face Roller
Amethyst Face Roller
Amethyst Face Roller
Amethyst Face Roller
Amethyst Face Roller
Amethyst Face Roller
Amethyst Face Roller
Amethyst Face Roller

Ready, set, roll! Boost your product absorption with our enchanting Amethyst Face Roller. Inspired by skincare rituals dated back to China’s early centuries, this beauty tool has stood the test of time

—now elegantly sculpted from the semi-precious gemstone of clarity.

With our face roller, you can expect to:
+ Stimulate blood circulation
+ Encourage lymphatic drainage
+ Experience seamless distribution and absorption of your favourite oils

After applying facial oil and eye serum, use the roller to massage your face. Apply light pressure and roll in upward motions. You can also massage the under eyes to reduce puffiness and fine lines. Check out our Face Roller Tutorial here.

Comes with a Lilac Beauty Pouch (L)
, to keep your Face Roller safe and sound.

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Remember, your imperfections make you beautiful. 

Our Amethyst Face Roller are crafted using real crystals sourced from the earth. Just like humans, each one is unique in colour and pattern. Small imperfections and blemishes are to be expected, as they appear due to the particular way the crystal is formed from heat and pressure.  It is what makes each crystal unique! 

Please do note that we only offer replacements for these products if there are cracks or dents that affect the usability of these products on the skin, or if the product is broken. Please notify us within 24 hours of receiving the product in such cases.

If you would like to be certain to get a crystal that you are satisfied with, we encourage you to come visit us at our Root Remedies Experience Store at Bangsar, where you can select the product yourself.

Imperfections and blemishes are defined as the natural variations in colour, pattern, texture and veining. 

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