Effective, natural skincare in 3 simple steps.


A mini, yet mighty kit that features clean, minimal products to promote thriving skin.

Made with 100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free ingredients.

A complete natural skincare routine in one low-priced bundle.

Achieve skin that glows from within.

3-Step Mini Starter Kit

Cleanse. Tone. Moisturise.

Your dream complexion is only 3 steps away!

Our 3-Step Mini Starter Kit is great for beginners or anyone who's looking for a low-commitment routine.

Customise your bundle to suit your skin's unique needs.

1. Cleanse

An essential start to any routine, we believe that effective cleansing can still be super gentle on your skin.

It’s important to strip away any excess oil, dirt, & makeup residue, while still allowing your skin’s delicate moisture barrier to stay strong & nourished.

2. Tone

Our floral Face Mists work as excellent toners due to their natural astringent properties.

They help to dissolve trapped sebum & impurities within your pores, while also refining uneven skin texture.

Most importantly, toners act as a humectant to prep your skin for moisturisation.

3. Moisturise

Our Face Oils are deeply hydrating & create a protective barrier to prevent moisture loss throughout the day.

We use 100% pure plant oils & extracts which are high in beautifying antioxidants & fatty acids to promote healthy, glowing skin.

Plus, they're low on the comedogenic scale, making them non-clogging & safe for sensitive skin types!

Make every step count & build a complete routine that perfectly suits your skin type.

Pure Castile Face Wash (60ml)

A two-ingredient wonder made from just saponified Extra Virgin Olive Oil & water.

Free of synthetic nasties, this foaming cleanser effectively removes excess oil, impurities, & makeup without stripping your moisture barrier.

Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin!

Face Mist of your choice

Damask Rose Face Mist (60ml)


- Deeply hydrates dry skin types

- Soothes redness & irritation

- Leaves skin with a fresh, dewy glow

Neroli Face Mist (60ml)


- Reduces shine for oily skin types

- Combats acne bacteria

- Leaves a smooth, matte finish

Face Oil of your choice

Gromwell Squalane Gentle Restoring Face Oil (15ml)


- Non-sensitising & unscented moisturiser that feels weightless on skin

- Regulates oil production & prevents clogged pores

- Boosts skin healing & effectively calms signs of irritation

Prickly Pear Dewy Hydrating Face Oil (15ml)


- Floral & herbaceous oil blend that offers deep, long-lasting moisture

- Packed with antioxidants to fade dark spots & fine lines

- Combats acne bacteria & heals damage from environmental stress

Get your own customised kit for just RM189 + Free Shipping!